Sing with Ann-Marita!

Ann-Marita offers online and in-person coaching sessions for aspiring singers and songwriters. Sessions are available via Zoom or Muzie Live.

Ann-Marita has years of experience as a vocalist for hire, both in the U.S., Sweden, and Australia. She is a Musicians Institute graduate (with honors), and has taught voice, music theory, songwriting, and beginner guitar classes privately as well as at the following schools:

* Keyboard Galleria Music Center, Santa Clarita, California

* Acton/Agua Dulce Unified School District, Acton, California

* Melbourne School of Performing Arts, Melbourne, Australia

* JMC Academy, Melbourne, Australia

* Music Me, Newbury Park, California

Ann-Marita's approach to singing is that there's a lot more to it than 'just' vocal technique. With her as your coach, you will learn about singing as a whole; mind, body, spirit, voice. You will learn to love your own sound, to enjoy your time on stage, to connect with the music and your audience on a deeper level, continuously grow as an artist, and much, much more.

Book directly below, or contact Ann-Marita via the contact page for more information.

Here's a vocal warmup and workout with Ann-Marita—give it a try!