Ann-Marita - "Ann-Marita" Australia has been invaded by Norway! And I surrender! Ann-Marita Garsed has travelled a torturous route to reach our shores, both geographically and personally, but along the way she found love, inspiration and a new home. With a voice rich with honeyed tones and intense emotion, she also is a quality song crafter, and this, her debut album, is full of attention grabbing tracks. Opening track, Class Of '93 sets the pace, followed by another eight exceptional tracks. Alive And Kicking really makes you sit up and blink; a fantastic country rocker. My goodness, this girl has something special. The Ex-Boyfriend Song is another fast paced statement of girl power; "useful as a fly in the ointment" - a great lyric. That Girl and You Said Forever are softer offerings, More Than Meets The Eye is a personal declaration. If you're looking for fresh, driving, affirmative country rock, look no further.” - Deborah Minter

— Country Music Capital News

“…a debut album which shows plenty of class”. “…Ann-Marita breathes life into modern contemporary country without falling into a formula…” “This is a very worthy introduction to an artist who obviously knows where she wants to go and has plenty of confidence in her ability to get there.””

— Country Update Magazine, Australia.

“Ann-Marita has an impressively strong and versatile voice that’s gentle and sultry one minute and a lion’s roar the next”.”

— Barfly Magazine, Australia.

“…Ann-Marita has penned a strong debut of countrified pop that is a joy to listen to.” “The perfect execution of the evocative “More Than Meets The Eye” alone should score her a major label record deal.” “…a Down Under gem…”” - John Everson

— Star Newspapers, Chicago, USA/ Pop Stops

“Fantastic.” “This artist has what it takes from great songs, a great image and a voice to match.” “Look out for this artist – big things coming her way.””

True Music Reviews

“Whoo! Traditional country she is not, but this woman has it. 4.5 stars out of 6.””

Rikk's Revues

“With the countrified vocal style of Kim Richey and the heart driven emotion of Radney Foster, Ann-Marita connects on every tune.”” - Dean Sciarra

Its About Music

“Her talent is as stunning as her looks, and you can expect to see a lot more of Ann-Marita in years to come.””