Singer/songwriter Ann-Marita Garsed is an artist who transcends genres, borders, and generations. From a diverse background in four countries on three continents, the stories and experiences have been plentiful, and Ann-Marita fuses them all together in a sound that is rich with emotion, guts, honesty, and heart. She is a country crooner, a folk rocker, a viking warrior, a survivor, but above all; a storyteller.


The new 2020-style music video for "The Ragged End of Your Rope" is now available!

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New video, "Easy Enough", available now!

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"...this is a real woman here, a Viking warrior singing the real woman blues, a soulful mix of sunny West Coast country rock and grass roots folk (with just a hint of Nordic naughtiness) that recalls life in all its messy glory; songs of love and family and friendship and perseverance and heartbreak." Kevin Burton Smith, Butler's Coffee Music Guy/music booker.


"From Ann-Marita's lips comes a voice that is not just a voice - it is a musical instrument." Deborah Minter, Country Music Capital News.




"...the song "Karoline with a K" is a piece of deeply moving country music storytelling about the Norwegian migration to the U.S. And the song "New Plan" is straight-up brilliant country rock." Magnus Eriksson,