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  • Mar 1
    In the studio recording new music!, 
  • Apr 14
    Christ Lutheran Church,  Long Beach
  • Apr 19
    The Coffee Gallery Backstage,  Altadena

Another Scandinavian excursion...!

A message from Ann-Marita:


Hi, everybody!


Thanks for stopping by!

How are you all doing?

I've been keeping really busy performing all around Southern California for the past few months. In addition to my solo shows – including the recent Scandinavian Festival of Southern California in Thousand Oaks – I've been singing ferociously with several popular local bands, including L.A. Rhythm Crew, (you get to see me put on a dress and sing r'n'b classics...!) and South Bay Country (you get to see me in my usual jeans and boots, belting out the country hits...!)

I have tons more SoCal shows coming up in the fall, but first I'm headed back to Scandinavia for some happenings over the summer. (Check the calendar page for show updates.)

In the meantime, please find my Facebook page:

Or buy some tracks right here on my official site! Thank you so much for the great support.

Peace & joy,