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Upcoming events

  • Mar 1
    In the studio recording new music!, 
  • Apr 14
    Christ Lutheran Church,  Long Beach
  • Apr 19
    The Coffee Gallery Backstage,  Altadena
Buy "Intuition" at CD Baby!
Buy "Ann-Marita" at CD Baby!
Shubb Capos
Ann-Marita is an endorsee of the world's favorite guitar capo: Shubb!
Daisy Rock Guitars - the Girl Guitar Company
Ann-Marita is a Daisy Rock Guitars endorsee...! These guitars are especially made for girls, and sound incredible too.
Tradition Guitars
Ann-Marita is a happy endorsee of Tradition Guitars, based in Fort Worth, Texas.
Ann-Marita at!
WEN Haircare - Ann-Marita is the Swedish/Norwegian WEN Girl!
DVC SCV - Want to donate to a good, local cause? The Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita needs YOUR help!
Females On Fire
Indie music entrepreneur gilli moon and Warrior Girl Music have put together 3 fabulous compilation albums featuring more than 100 of the world's top female independent artists. Ann-Marita is featured on Vol. 2 with her song "Alive And Kickin'".