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Ann-Marita - the vocal coach

In addition to being an acclaimed singer/songwriter, Ann-Marita also offers coaching sessions for aspiring singers and songwriters. Currently, these services are only available in the Los Angeles area, but online coaching via Skype will also become available in the not-so-distant future.

Ann-Marita has years of experience as a vocalist for hire, both in the U.S., Sweden and Australia. She is a Musicians Institute graduate (with honors), and has taught voice, music theory, songwriting and beginner guitar classes privately as well as at the following schools:

* Keyboard Galleria Music Center, Santa Clarita, California

* Acton/Agua Dulce Unified School District, Acton, California

* Melbourne School of Performing Arts, Melbourne, Australia

* JMC Academy, Melbourne, Australia

* Music Me, Newbury Park, California


As a student, you will learn

* Proper voice placement & projection

* Blending the vocal registers

* Song study

* Performance skills

and much, much more. Always with a creative, inspirational approach, where the focus is on the emotional connection with the song and your audience. Contact Ann-Marita directly via the contact page for more information and rates.