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  • Aug 22
    Kulak's Woodshed,  N. Hollywood
  • Aug 29
    Matt Denny's Ale House Restaurant & Bar,  Arcadia

"The Purple Ribbon Sessions" (2014) - EP

The extraordinary Norwegian-born artist is back with another mosaic of songs from three corners of the world, blending breezy West Coast country rock and traditional folk, sharing heartfelt stories with a deliberate twist.

Ann-Marita - "Intuition", Viking Girl Records, 2007. - CD

This second album from Norwegian-born, California-based country rocker Ann-Marita continues to push the boundaries of modern country music with a lot of rock'n'roll, a bit o'blues and a slight touch of Norwegian folk music.

Ann-Marita - "Ann-Marita", Viking Girl Records, 2004. - CD

Ann-Marita's self-titled debut album features the European Country Music Association Top 10 "Face In the Crowd", and the Indie World Country Top 10 "Alive And Kickin'"!